Online Workplace Training

From soft skills to health & safety,
our online training centre can save you 40%
and make training multiple locations a breeze.

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Not Just Health & Safety Training

New employee orientation, sales training or health & safety;
we’re an all-in-one training centre to help you do any type of training.


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A Smart Alternative to Classroom Training

Online training is more efficient, affordable and flexible.


Reduce liability.

With 70+ provincially approved courses and 100+ free policy templates – we’ll help you cover your bases.


Save time & money.

Online training is faster and cuts costs by 40% when compared to in-class training. No travel and less down time.


Train anytime, anywhere.

Online training works around employee schedules and training multiple locations is as simple as if they were in-house.


Increase retention.

Employees can playback modules and learn at their own pace. We’ve also put in stops to ensure modules can’t be skipped with quizzes along the way.

  • "OLE's courses are a major part of our Health & Safety Program and make tracking our employee training effortless."  greendiamond-test-logo

    Jim Pineau, Green Diamond
  • "OLE taught me how to be safe, to protect myself, and my coworkers in a memorable and enjoyable way."

    Susan Boyle, WomenWorks Inc.
  • "OLE provides us with great learning materials for our clients. We are very pleased with the incredible level of support!" goodwill-testlogo

    Michelle Repuski, Goodwill Career Centres

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